Monday, June 22, 2009

tutorial english..

ok class, before we start this class or this session, i just wanna ask u all somethings. what is positive thinking..?? is it we think positively in all situations? maybe..?? the class silent while the students are thinking deeply... the tutor continues his speech by giving a situation...

imagine one beautiful day, when u going out and look at the sky. it is beautiful and calm. then, u see a little yellow bird flying there. suddenly, it shitting on u. what will u say? if you are positive thinker, u will say like this, 'thanks god that cow doesn't fly'..what happen if the cow is flying? u think by yourself.

so... to be a positive thinker, there are 5 disciplines that you all need to follow as a guide.

1-if u want to change anything, u must change first.
2-if others can, u also can.
3-there's no failure, it is only feedback.
4-study is play.
5-always be flexible.

in addition to be a positive thinker, u all need to S.P.E.E.D.O.N. what is speed on..??

S-stretch. when u wake up every morning, u must stretch u body first.
P- physical exercise. get sweating
E- eat your breakfast. every time u are thinking, u kill ur brain cells. so, u must generate and top up it by eating nutritious foods.enthusiasm
E- enthusiasm.
D- dedicate.
O- organise urself. u need to have a plan or timetable.
N-never been influence by negative.

p/s: sorry for all the grammar and spelling errors.


akira said...

teaaacchherrrr, question questionnn...!

what is p/s..?? is it play stationnn..???


R.A.H.I.M. said...

pre-statement.. that means it is not include in the entry just to give information.. hee~

akira said...

owh..ingatkan Play Station dari Present Shop kat Petaling Street yang budak-budak Pre School selalu main ingat nk mintak blanje..uwm..Pulang Summer nanti boleh...?? hehehe~

akira said...

p/s: sesungguhnya takde kene mengena ngan pajero & slurpee.

R.A.H.I.M. said...

hahaha~ btol2...