Thursday, September 30, 2010


Nothing to write, just wanna to quote something from someone that i really love.
"Allah always know what's in our hearts, even if we never tell it to anyone. Trust in Him and pray to Him and He will answer our prayers: sometimes in ways we never expect them to be, but are just right and make us happy"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet me half way..

minggu yg amat meletihkan.. recmo, test dan kerja2 convo.. alhmdulillah, recmo telah selesai dengan jaya nye.. test plak? aduh.. susah nk ckp.. time nk jawb, blur cmpur blank.. tapi nk wat cmne, bnde dah lepas.. let bygone be bygone.. skrng tinggl keje2 convo dan project untuk AW dan FPE.. begini lah kehidupan universiti..

esok dah start cuti untuk hari raya... 2 minggu untuk aq reboot, reorganize and revise blik mane yg patut.. going to get DL for this sem.. ameen3.. =)